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The second part of our ADVENTURES IN NICARAGUA has finished production and will be ready and in the market for Christmas 2008!!

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

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Adventures in Nicaragua DVD


English-speaking friends of Nicaragua now have a different, fun way of discovering the beauty and ammenities of this beautiful country.

Nicaraguan TV Production company, Producciones Video Arte, has produced the first english-speaking video about Nicaragua (published on DVD) targeted at the potential anglo tourist.

The video, also subtitled in spanish, is hosted by two Nicaraguan Teens, Tammy Reyes y Rodrigo Mantica, who, along with Dr. Jaime Incer, Nicaraguan scientist, embark on a journey through the most fascinating destinations in Nicaragua.

With the capital city of Managua as a logical starting point, the adventures begin early on, with a thrilling experience in the Canopy tour over the Tiscapa crater lake, sliding down cables 400 feet up over the water at great speed !

The tour continues in Masaya and the “white towns” where Tammy and Rodrigo have an introductory lesson on the art of pottery by a master craftsman in the town of San Juan de Oriente.

After that, they go up the Mombacho volcano led by historian Dr. Patrick Werner, exploring the amazing flora and fauna of the cloud forest, including the famous Salamander of Mombacho, a peculiar amphibian species found only in Nicaragua.

From there, the kids head on to the Majestic colonial city of Granada, and have a relaxing boat ride through the more than 300 islands (or isletas) that lie on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.

Following the route taken in the time of the Gold Rush, they travel from Granada, across lake Nicaragua to the mouth of the San Juan River, where they embark on the most important of their adventures in Nicaragua!.

At Rio San Juan they use Sabalos Lodge as their headquarters, and from there, they visit places like the Los Guatuzos Wildlife Reserve, the Solentiname Islands, with their artists’ communities, the fort of the Inmaculate Coinception, place where Rafaela Herrera defended Nicaragua from the Spanish invaders, and Greytown, an ancient ghost town where they spend some time exploring the four gothic cemeteries, which is all there is left of the once prosperous town.

From the San Juan River region, the cross Nicaragua to visit the beaches in Rivas, where Rodrigo dazzles us with his surfing abilities. After that the visit the port town of San Juan del Sur and go sailing down the beaches of the pacific on the “Pelican Eyes”.
Hopping coast to coast , the show ends with a submarine adventure in Corn Island, where Tammy y Rodrigo explore a 17th century spanish galleon lying 20 feet under the blue waters of the Caribbean.

“The show took two years to be finished, since it was financed with nour own funds”, says its director, Carlos M. Mantica.

“This video expects to have achieved something that had been never done before: presenting Nicaragua from the point of view of a child....of a teenager.
I don’t know if it’s because whe n you grow up there is still a little bit of a child inside all of us… or perhaps its because:that is how we want to see Nicaragua… with the eyes of our heart and with the fervor and naivete that only a child can express...” says Mantica.

“Our work is about presenting, in spite of the hard times we are living in, a positive image of a country of which we are, and always be proud of.
…Because the Nicaragua that you will see on the video, lives and thrives inside each one of us, and we seek to present it to the world as our most treasured thing that we have”, Mantica concludes.

The video has its own webpage http://www.adventuresinnicaraguadvd.com/ and it contains snippets of video, press releases, biographies and a guestbook, where, after watching the videos, you can write a comment or opinion about this work.

The DVD, presented in Digipak format, is available for sale in Amazon.com and through its own web page. The DVD contains as bonus features a photo gallery, bloopers, and varied info about Nicaragua.